Feiya Ultra Radiant White Night Cream 30g

Feiya® Ultra Radiant White Cream is designed to be the ultimate cream by combining whitening and brightening effects into a single product with the added benefits of Japanese Reishi, Bird’s Nest and Pearl extracts. Pearl functions to remove dead skin cells, deep clean pores, whitens skin by reducing appearance of sun spots and evens out skin tone to give it a brighter look. Reishi mushroom extract neutralizes free radicals caused by the sun’s UV rays allowing damaged skin cells to heal, healthy skin cells to live longer and new skin cells an optimal environment to grow. Along with excellent water retention properties, Reishi extract is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines resulting in skin that appears younger with improved texture. Bird's Nest contains Epidermal Growth Factors, high concentrations of antioxidants, and glycoproteins to promote cell growth and tissue repair. Feiya® Radiant White Night Cream is a unique product that incorporates Aloe and Honey Extracts with three special well known ingredients to nourish and protect facial skin from environmental damage. Younger and healthy looking skin is naturally radiant, but combined with whitening and brightening ingredients will make the skin ultra-radiant and white. A separate 3ml bottle of Feiya Whitening EGF Serum will be included.* For more information, please see Feiya Whitening EGF Serum product page. *while supplies last
Manufacturer: FEIYA
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