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Cleansing Massage Brush


Cosme Proud Collection Gold Revitalizer Facial Peel 50g

Gold Revitalizer will purify and moisturize even the deepest pores of your skin.

Cosme Proud Dragon Splash Gold Ion Exfoliating Gel 50g

50g [Use 1-2 times a week, 25-30 times (4-6 months)]

Feiya Cleansing Lotion 50ml

Feiya Propolis Cleansing Lotion is a combination product of toner and cleanser that helps to clean the skin and soften the cuticles (skin's pores) to provide a smooth and soft texture. It also helps the skin to build up resistance to environmental pollutants that damage the skin everyday.

Feiya Brightening Hydragel Peel 1.4oz 40g

Feiya® Brightening Hydragel Peel is formulated using intense moisturizing ingredients, antioxidants, and other natural ingredients to remove dullness and give the skin a silky smooth radiant look. Intense moisturizers such as Hispagel, Algae Gel, and Orange Distilled Water penetrate deep into the skin and clean the deep layers while softening the outer-most layer (stratum corneum) of the skin. The softened skin will gently exfoliate with massaging action. Using Feiya® Brightening Hydragel Peel will help achieve a brighter, younger and healthier looking skin.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam 125ml

Our most luxurious cleanser preps and envelops skin in a rich, purifying lather. This gentle foaming cleanser contains moisture-attracting NMT that leaves skin feeling fresh, smooth, and thoroughly rejuvenated. Helps skin better absorb skincare products that follow.

Shiseido Extra Rich Cleansing Milk 125ml

Clinically proven to protect skin's moisture before and after cleansing for 2 weeks* this gentle, moisturizing cleanser is infused with effective ingredients to for those with dry and sensitive skin. Deeply moisturize and balance skin, prepping it for further skincare treatment. Japanese Yuzu Seed Extract provides moisturizing benefits while exclusive InternalPowerResist technology strengthens skin and defends against environmental pollutants*. This gentle, soap-free cleanser is ideal for dry/very dry/sensitive skin. Gently cleanse for hydrated, softened skin.

Shiseido Clarifying Cleansing Foam 125ml

Cleanse and balance skin with this daily foaming face wash infused with signature Japanese ingredients. White Clay absorbs excess oil, Yomogi Extract prevents roughness, Rice Germ Oil softens, and pure Kirishima Mineral Spring Water helps supplement skin’s essential minerals.

Shiseido Deep Cleansing Foam 125ml

A sebum-absorbing foaming cleanser infused with effective ingredients to deeply cleanse pores and polish away roughness, helping to remove oil. Moisturize and balance skin, prepping it for further skincare treatment. Signature Japanese ingredients, sebum absorbing powder & cleansing granules, provide oil removing benefits. Exclusive InternalPowerResist technology strengthens skin and defends against pollutants*. This cleanser is ideal for skin prone to blemishes, breakouts, roughness and blocked pores*. Deeply cleanse for radiant skin.

Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil 300ml

This multi-tasking cleansing oil quickly melts away waterproof makeup while maintaining skin’s moisture. It can be used on wet or dry skin and rinses clean for an incredibly soft and non-greasy, dewy finish. Use on its own or as the first step of a double cleansing routine.

Shiseido Refreshing Cleansing Sheets 30 sheets

Convenient, ultra-soft, 100% cotton cleansing sheets that maintain skin’s natural balance while whisking away the impurities, makeup and oil that can clog pores and lead to imperfections. Quick. Easy. Instantly refreshing. Perfect for on-the-go. pH-balanced formulation. Fresh scent to help reinvigorate and soothe skin. Packaging allows for compactness and easy resealing, maintaining the quality of the sheets. 30 single-use sheets per package

Shiseido Complete Cleansing Microfoam Cleanse+Remove 180ml

A light, oil-free instant foaming cleanser infused with effective ingredients to help soften and remove impurities. This creamy foam feels gentle on skin, prepping it for further skincare treatment. Rice Germ Oil softens and moisturizes skin while exclusive InternalPowerResist technology strengthens skin and defends against environmental pollutants*. Ideal for all skin types this light and airy foam leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated, with enhanced clarity.

Shiseido Refreshing Cleansing Water 180ml

A gentle water-based cleanser that whisks away the impurities, makeup, and oil that can clog pores and lead to imperfections. Maintains skin’s natural balance. Leaves skin feeling refreshed. pH-balanced formulation. Combats the appearance of oily skin. Hydrates and cleanses the skin without drying or tightness.

Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 125ml

A gentle, dual-phase makeup remover that immediately dissolves waterproof and long-wearing eye makeup and lipstick. Leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth without any oily sensation.Removes all makeup with ease, including waterproof mascara.

Incellderm Snow Enzyme Cleanser EX 4.23oz

This rich, creamy cleanser gently yet effectively cleanses skin. Natural soapberry and coconut-derived cleansing ingredients leave skin fresh, but not stripped, as the cleanser begins to foam. Papain and bromelain enzymes work to gently remove dead skin cells and leave skin softer than before, while still being suitable for sensitive skin types.

Incellderm Active Clean-Up Powder 3.17oz

A plant derived, powder-based enzymatic cleanser that gently whisks away dead skin cells and impurities, leaving clear, supple skin. Gentle acids help balance the skin and unique papain enzymes remove impurities – resulting in moisturized, healthy, energized skin.