Feiya Express Peeling Cream

Feiya Express Peeling Cream promotes the natural exfoliation process by gently and naturally removing excess skin to improve texture. This naturally advanced cream will enhance the removal of the deepest types of freckles, dark and yellow spots when used together with Feiya Day and Feiya Night Creams. Some of the natural ingredients include Vitamin C, natural pearl extracts, and the natural proteins of fresh fruits. Packaged along with the Feiya Express Peeling Cream is a complimentary jar of Feiya pH Balance Cream. The purpose of the pH Balance Cream is to balance the effects of the Feiya Express Peeling Cream. Because the Express Cream can irritate the skin and cause it to itch, become red and swell, the pH Balance Cream acts to balance out the mild acids used in the Express Cream and relieve the itching and irritation. Feiya pH Balance Cream is not needed if irritation is not present.
Manufacturer: FEIYA
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