Cosme Proud Reishi EX Flavored Tea 2.4oz 70g

Highly-Selected REISHI EX Flavored Tea Japanese Reishi Mushroom Extract 100% Natural & Authentic Made in Japan Highest Quality/Purest Form of Reishi A time-honored food which has been passed on from generation to generation. Since ancient time, REISHI has been prized for its rarity and consumed in Eastern Asia. Contains highly selected REISHI which is grown in the excellent natural environment in Japan. Directions: Using the attached spoon, dissolve one spoonful (1g) in cold or hot water. Tighten cap after use to avoid humidity. Do not lift bottle by the cap. Drink once or twice daily before meals. Characteristics & Effectiveness: No side effects: Regardless of how much or how long you take Reishi, there are no side effects because it is all natural and in its purest form. Effective to entire body: Not only does Reishi help on specific vital organ ailments, it also strengthens the entire body. Builds strong constitution: Reishi strengthens and normalizes your physical constitution.
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